If there are things that I’ve been through that can be useful to other people, and I can cultivate positive mindsets and emotions from within myself to help other people, that’s amazing.
Zak Abel


Location: London

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For our Spring Summer 2017 issue, we put spotlight on British singer-songwriter Zak Abel, in a music diaries feature captured at his old school, UCS Hampstead. In an exclusive interview, Zak and Editor-in-Chief, Cecilie Harris, discuss musicians today and their unspoken power to make us all feel less alone. The articles reveals an honest insight into the words behind the songs of his EP 'Only When We're Naked', words that are likely to make you feel supported and that you are not the only one going through the things you are. Lyrics can be such perfect company, and getting to know Zak in his issue 12 interview, will bring you closer to understand where he is coming from. 

To see the full feature in our ‘Young Hearts’ is, you can now get a copy which is available in stores and online now. You can also catch a sneak preview from Zak’s 4-page story.

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