I've always wanted to put on a show
Toby Wallace


Location: Los Angeles

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Toby Wallace, the 20 year old London born Australian actor, is featured in a 10-page story in issue 10, 'Muse'. Captured by photographer Dani Brubaker in LA, where the duo talked about love, life and being a teenager. Dani merges her own story and Toby's by using the location of her previous mentor, cinematographer John Morrill, who passed away. His voice echoing through the walls, provides new inspiration as editorial 'Memories Never Fade' is captured and gives birth to a new chapter. As people move on and are no longer present in flesh, they are imprinted in you forever.

Toby's persona is best described as comforting, a gentle reminder of fading memories. Recently relocating to Southern California, his talent for performing translates through emotions of stillness, as he shares wise words on how he continues to stretch his talent into the future. To learn more about the very cute Toby Wallace, check out the preview online and the full editoral in issue 10

Instagram: toby_mark_wallace