If people are entertained by it, if it gets them through a shitty day, if it makes them feel better after losing a job, or if they go with a girlfriend or boyfriend that they might like and it will help get them laid or something, that's great - I'd be happy with that!
Thomas Brodie-Sangster


Location: London

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British actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster graces our Spring Summer 2017 talent cover. Editor-In-Chief Cecilie Harris photographs Thomas’ youthful and charming personality, with styling by David Nolan. Weighing in with thoughts on the unfortunate necessity of having to grow up and the little pink scooter that began his obsession with motorcycles, his cover feature interview is a delightful and engaging conversation, sure to leave your day a little bit brighter.   

Now, all grown up, it is this journey that is the focus of our enjoyable chat with Thomas. To take in the full 14-page cover story, pretty pictures and charming interview included, you can get yourself a copy of issue 12, which is available in shops now. Feel free to see the exclusive preview online before you do so.