Quirky, cynical and regularly flawed. As a band I'd say good - not brilliant, not shite. We play Rock'n'Roll.
The Strypes


Agency: Virgin EMI Records

Location: Cavan, Ireland

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A charming Irish accent with that dash of sarcasm and self-inflicted humour. You'll get a decent dose of that when spending time with four-piece Irish rock band The Strypes. The band consists of Ross Farrelly, Josh McClorey, Peter O'Hanlon and Evan Walsh. Their lyrics are blunt and honest, mixed with soul enriching melodies. They know what they are doing, and they are doing it well. Their songs reveal hints of the boys' lives; from girls, going out, what it's like being on tour and relationships with friends and family.

As we meet for an interview feature for Issue 9 'Growing Sideways', Cecilie Harris discusses over a picnic blanket full of cute little cakes and pink fizzy drinks their journey as a band, what it's like growing up in the Irish countryside and the laid back attitude of their fellow countrymen. See a little preview or get your own copy of Issue 9.

Website: The Strypes
Twitter: @the_strypes