Touring with us is just like a massive lad's holiday.
Sundara Karma


Location: Reading

Agency: RCA Records

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The Baxter-born boys Oscar Lulu, Dom Cordell, Haydn Evans and Ally Baty make up the from the four-piece indie band. The connection between these friends is obvious; the playfulness of practice, the complete DIY aesthetic of the boys and traditional 90s grunge with their stained t-shirts and eutrophic guitar-rock. They write songs about escaping monotony, inspired by their beginnings among small-town life on the brink of the city. Infectious and deep, the boys are bonded by their sense of adventure and fun, and their inescapable desire to release themselves from the hum drum of day-to-day life. During their interview they described their muses as being Scotch, poetry and Baxter...

They were captured by Sophie Mayanne in their favourite pub in real rockstar style for their 4 page print and online feature for Issue 10, and in their previous exclusive BBG Presents feature.

Website: Sundara Karma
Twitter: @sundarakarma 
Instagram: @sundarakarma