It's always about women isn't it? They just ruin your life, haha.
Sean O'Donnell


Location: Los Angeles

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Long-Island born actor Sean O’Donnell once purchased a one way ticket to Los Angeles in search of a new chapter. Now three years later, with his feet firmly in the midst of California and a leading role in a feature film in his pocket 'Mamaboy', he continues to grind in that city boy way.   

Framed in the golden landscape of Los Angeles by Nicola Collins in our BBG Presents feature, where the breeze sits in your palm and the sun traps you in a whimpering haze, he breathes in unfamiliar terrain for the day. Find out more about Sean's love of music and habits of locking the bathroom door even if he is alone in our exclusive interview.    

Instagram: theseanodonnell
Twitter: theseanodonnell