Harry got grounded for smoking and then picked up a guitar, and that's how he got into it.


Agency: Sony Music

Location: London

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The quirky duo which originates from Bridlington is made up of Harry Draper and Jack Sedman. Meeting at an open-mic night, they started having jam sessions nearly every day and were finally scouted by a producer to record their debut album, 'Tell Me It's Real'. Their slow and pensive music evolves around melancholy sounds and lyrics about love and relationships.

Meeting them in their natural surroundings of their studio, Cecilie Harris talks to them about their journey, bonding over their common lover for the ocean, childhood stories and how solving things with wine is always a good idea. She captures the duo in her habitual calm way, observing beautiful moments and capturing them. See a preview of the black and white series or buy Issue 9 'Growing Sideways' to see the full feature.


Website: Seafret
Twitter: @seafretofficial
Instagram: @seafretofficial