I’m one of those people who think if you really want something then you can do it.
Roman Kemp


Location: London

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Roman Kemp is a boy with music running through his veins. Growing up in a household of creativity has moulded his talent, allowing him to express himself and find out what he loves. Willing to try anything, Roman is that amazing kind of boy that decides to learn how to pilot a plane when his worst fear is flying or watches foreign movies because he actually appreciates them. We first met him in 2012, when Cecilie Harris captured him in a sophisticated editorial ‘Suit Up’. Since then, he has gone onto become a key presenter for Capital FM alongside his work with 4Music and the X Factor. Cecilie Harris caught up with him at the start of his journey into the broadcasting world for a BBG Presents feature here. With such an ambitious spirit, who knows where you’ll see Roman next. 

  Twitter: @romankemp Youtube: romankemp