Maybe we should spend more time playing in the snow.
Richard Harmon


Location: Canada

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Canadian actor Richard Harmon has had a long run in the film industry already, and has often been cast as 'the bad guy'. "I think they’re the most fun to play and my face lends itself to, you know, wanting to be punched - a lot." However, Richard comes off as completely different in real life. He makes you laugh. He is blunt - perhaps originating from his New York half. It's difficult for him to choose a favorite character, but his character John Murphy on TV show 'The 100' seems to be particulary close to his heart. 

The mind of Richard Harmon is explored over eight pages in our Spring Summer '17 issue, photographed by Alana Paterson, in colourful Canadian surroundings. You can take in our full disovery of Richard Harmon in our new issue 12 'Young Hearts', which is now available to purchase in stockists worldwide and via our online store or catch a sneak preview online.

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