We are suckers for a good riff
Nothing But Thieves


Agency: Sony Music

Location: London

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Nashville inspirations and recording songs in dull-lit bedrooms is where it all began for the band full of infectious sounds, Nothing But Thieves. Conor, Joe, Dom, Price and Phil are five mates with a brother-like relationship from Southend. Already having toured across Europe and the US, their hit single “Itch” has been regularly echoed out from radio stations across the globe. With plenty of crazy rebellious stories to tell, the band have created their own symbolic and distinctive style. With their impactful lyrics and addiction to a good riff, we'll keep these boys on our playlist on repeat forever. Lead singer, Conor Mason, was featured in our 7th issue "Obsessions", whilst the spotlight was put on songwriter and guitarist Joe Langridge-Brown for Issue 8 "The Trouble With Boys", both photographed and interviewed by Cecilie Harris.

For our Issue 11 "Imagined Songs", Cecilie Harris gatecrashed the main stage at Reading Festival with the boys. Our love for the band comes full circle, as we sit down for a heart-warming and honest interview about vulnerability and life on tour. To see the full feature, you can purchase a copy in our BBG Webshop or in stores worldwide. 

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