I think this coming generation has so much potential.
Nick Robinson


Location: Los Angeles

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We love it when we find a boy who shares our vision; Seattle-based actor Nick Robinson is that kind of boy. You may recognise him from his lead role in 'The Kings of Summer', a side-splitting coming-of-age film that holds him responsible for heartbreaks and chuckles across the world. For our Autumn/Winter '16 Issue, 'Imagined Songs', photographer Dani Brubaker captures Nick in a stunning 8-page feature

As a mature risk-taker, Nick is wandering through a meadow of young actors who see deeper than the shallow waters of Hollywood glitz. Through his success he has stayed grounded - letting the countryside be appealing equally as a place of escapism and a place to throttle a motorbike through. In his interview with Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris, he talks about his new film 'Krystal' directed by William H. Macy, that will release in 2017. To read the interview and see the full editorial, you can buy Issue 11 now online and in selected stores.

Instagram: therealnickrobinson
Twitter: notnickrob