There is this very profound moment when you’re surrounded by nature, where you realise how insignificant the anxieties that are man-made are - how insignificant they are in comparison to everything else.
Nicholas Galitzine


Location: London

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After an impactful performance in his first film, 'The Beat Beneath my Feat’, his recent release includes 'Handsome Devil’, which is currently showing on Netflix - a charming coming-of-age drama, where his character Conor struggles with being honest about his sexuality. In the end of 2017 Nicholas can be seen in ‘The Watcher in the Woods’, where he plays in an old Bette Davis adaption next to Anjelica Houston - or further in ‘The Changeover’, where he stars in the role of Sorensen Carlisle, a male witch who helps a young girl search for her lost brother. 

Spread across 12-pages in Issue 13, Nicholas talks about vulnerability in young men, his projects and his love for sunsets, film and music. An advocate for mental health, he also shares his own experience struggling with anxiety and depression at a young age and how he managed to deal with this. See this brief teaser, or experience the full 12-page feature in issue 13, which is available in selected stores or via our webshop.

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Twitter: nicholasgalitzine