The fact that anybody can understand it. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what religion or what colour - everybody can feel or understand music and it unites people.
Martin Garrix


Location: Amsterdam

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Are we all scared to be lonely? No matter who or where we are, this primal fear lives within us all, and in his latest single ‘Scared To Be Lonely’, Dutch producer/musician Martin Garrix brings this question to the surface. In our Spring Summer serving of Boys by Girls golden moments, photographer Cleo Glover and stylist Josh Tuckley hang out with Martin in a London hotel to capture what is an every-day insight into one of the realities of the talented producer. It’s the golden curse of being adored by so many, yet unable to recognise a face in the crowd. Carving his quest for happiness into the fabric of his sound, Martin has become engulfed in the blur of international success. These are things we talk to Martin about in his SS17 issue interview. His intensions are pure, and the smile he hopes we will all leave with by the end of our encounter, does find us very easily.

This thread of simply being human dilutes all his work; in his dreamy beats that are electrified with tales of adolescence. Finding clarity within the naivety of youth, Martin's addictive sound grew organically from his childhood bedroom. At 17, his first single ‘Animals’ became a sensation, and his metamorphosis from schoolboy to household name unravelled. You can catch a sneak preview for his issue 12 music diaries fature, or even better, hold a hard copy in your hands, which you can find available in stores and online now.

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