I could bring a bit of Northern Swagger.
Louis Berry


Location: Liverpool

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The lonely rebel with a revolutionary mind. Louis Berry is a true Northern rockstar - you know, the kind that have that classic swagger and walk around with a guitar strapped to them. The Scouse singer/songwriter featured was photographed and interview for Issue 10 by Cecilie Harris, live from his BBC Studios Live Lounge set. Whilst recording in his set, Louis bit back at the critics that didn't believe in him from the start and confided in Boys by Girls sharing his views on the world we live. Unfiltered and raw, Cecilie captured the true essence of Louis in all his humble gratuity throughout the exclusive shoot. His music offers political substance, and his raspy tone compliments the unusual hybrid of Rock'n'Roll meets Country music that has us all singing along. 

See a teaser from his issue 10 feature

Website: louisberryofficial
Twitter: @louisberry
Instagram: @louisberry