This velvet sofa is so soft... like my heart. Do you think girls will like it?
Kojey Radical


Location: London

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Kojey Radical is a poet, an artist, creative director - he is a wordsmith genius; someone who creates things out of nothing and we are already a little bit hooked. Living in east London he is a self proclaimed Ribena fanatic and dreams of being Peter Pan. He draws from his own experiences in his work, adding a touch of his vivid imagination. His stories are intriguing, his food imaginary and his soul enigmatic.

Cecilie Harris photographed Kojey in a place of treasures (also known as his fathers house) filled to the brim with old record collections, authentic wallpapers, velvet sofas and old cassettes for an exclusive editorial for Boys by Girls issue 7; Obsessions. We even felt a little inspired stepping foot in this creative dome. To indulge more in Kojey's poetic words, you can have a look at a nice little interview for our BBG Presents series here or look at a teaser for his issue 7 feature here

Twitter: @kojeyradical
Instagram: @kojeyradical