I personally think, to a certain extent, that I can only really offer something to something I’m familiar with.
Kelvin Harrison Jr.


Location: Los Angeles

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Actor Kelvin Harrison Jr. had to eventually give up listening to what his parents wanted for him and follow his own path. In an exclusive Boys by Girls feature, he opens up about his personal connection with his character Travis in the recent horror film 'It Comes At Night', the traumas he encounters in his own life and his attraction to characters with a similar core as himself. He is also set to appear in in TV series 'Shots Fired' and the films 'Monster' and 'Mudbound' later this year.  

Outgoing and gregarious, Kelvin yearns to spend time with the people he loves, whilst his idea of a good time is playing boardgames and eating chocolate cake. Indulge yourself into the midst of a rustic, original Californian bowling alley photographed by Amber Mckee and find out more about Kelvin in our BBG Presents feature.   

Instagram: kelharrjr
Twitter: kelvharrJR