What we have to deal with now is nothing compared to what the people who came before us had to deal with and how they laid the foundation for us today.
Joseph David-Jones


Location: Los Angeles

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Actor Joseph David-Jones didn’t really have a choice; the acting occupation just sort of chose him. After a coin flip determined his destiny, he packed up his suitcase and head for the golden acres by the Pacific. In our BBG Presents series, Janell Shirtcliff captures Joseph up against the warm blues of the Los Angeles sky. In the fifth season of the television series ‘Nashville', Joseph impresses with his emotive voice. On the show he plays Clayton, the likable struggling musician, who is deemed to turn a few heads with Joseph’s soulful portrayal at the backbone. 

Joseph also appeared in historical drama ‘Detroit’, where he plays ‘Morris’, a member of the musical group ‘The Dramatics’. In his Boys by Girls interview feature he talks about the past; the importance of history and admiring those who came before us, and takes you through his path to acting and his love for his grandma.

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