As we started to get into puberty, our parents tried to convince us we were werewolves'.
Jonah and Christian Lees


Location: London

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British actor talent twins Jonah and Christian Lees are storytellers, both in the way they perform as actors and in the entertaining stories they tell on their shoot. Always encouraged to use their imagination and be who they wanted to be by their parents, their childhood moments led to the boys following a path of acting, both boys having equally impressive filmographies.

Cecilie Harris captures both twins for Issue 9 'Growing Sideways' letting them impersonate different characters. Speaking about their childhood memories it becomes clear that imagination always has accompanied them on their path and contributed to how they have become such talented actors. The 10-page powerful black and white photo series showcase the twins' ability to adapt different personalities and truly captures their character. Get a preview of their feature here or buy the print Issue 9.

Jonah Lees:
Twitter: @jonahrules
Instagram: @jonahlees

Christian Lees:
Twitter: @christianleees
Instagram: @christian_lees