Spend time in nature. Explore. Walk through the forest, over a mountain, along a beach, whatever. This, along with meditation, is by far the most important for mental well-being.
Greg Austin


Location: London

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Young British actor, Greg Austin, plays one of the lead characters in BBC1’s new Sci-fi thriller ‘Class’. Speckled with charming boyish quirks, Greg enlightens with his refreshing speculations on youth of today, and reveals that he never neglects his sordid geeky affair with technology and his beloved computer consoles. We spoke to the talented actor about the fun of playing a gay, alien prince, and what makes him excited.

Wanting to leave his mark on the world, leaving a trail of happiness wherever he goes, this rising star litterscan be enjoyed in a visually beautiful BBG Presents feature photographed by Georgia Devey Smith, including a captivting interview. Embracing the individuality of the vast variety of his fellow millennials, Greg leaves you with a little bit more happiness within. 

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Twitter: gregory_austin
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