I would like to do that thing were i cross my legs and start to elevate off the ground like monks.
Finlay MacMillan


Location: Glasgow

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Scottish actor Finlay MacMillan is as far from the moody character of Enoch O'Connor that he portrays in Tim Burton's latest movie "Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar Children" as they come. He is cheeky, happy and hillariously funny. Born in Glasgow, he brings a fresh perspective to the scene, and as he steps onto Hollywood’s red carpet, Finlay hasn’t lost any of his youthful charisma. He is among a generation of young actors who have successfully bridged boyish charm with grounded maturity. Despite still being young within the industry, Finlay has years of dedication behind him that have led him to his current much-deserved success. We can't wait to watch his next move. 

  In his exclusive interview with BBG Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris for Boys by Girls issue 11, Finlay speaks about his memorable experience of working with director Tim Burton and co-actor Asa Butterfield, the challenges of embodying his peculiar movie character Enoch O’Connor and the art of handling a lightsaber (be the Jedi). Find out more about Finlay and see a preview of the exclusive feature in Boys by Girls Issue 11 by visiting our website. Or get yourself a copy of the new issue in stores or online.

  Instagram: finmacmillan