It's about capturing and creating atmosphere and feeling.
Elias Bender Rønnenfelt


Location: Copenhagen

Agency: Escho

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Independent and unapologetic, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt says it how it is. No filter. It could be the honest nature of his Scandinavian heritage or the influence of moving in and out of different movements in Copenhagen, from the punk scene to radical left wing scene. Yet, the vulnerable side hidden underneath, mixed in with the boldness to speak the truth draws you into the world of Elias.

Photographer Linda Brownlee meets the frontman of Danish punk rock band, Iceage, in the Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen, one of his favourite places, where you can get lost amongst nature in the middle of the city. Elias is true to himself - he is clever, strong-willed, sullen, defensive, vulnerable and sweet - all at once. His story is out now in the 9th issue of Boys by Girls 'Growing Sideways'.

Website: Iceage