I've got a mission, and my mission is real.
Declan McKenna


Location: London

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In a seemingly never-ending state of adolescence, Declan McKenna is the latest artist to grab our attention with his upbeat tunes and sharp lyrics. Discovering music at the young age of nine, Declan began writing at the age of 13, drawing inspiration from the likes of the Beatles, The Kinks and David Bowie. In his BBG Presents feature with Nicola Collins, he talks about sending a message with his lyrics, involving younger generations in social and political issues, yet he still delivers the indie-pop beats that we so desperately crave. Nicola captures his bright and easy going personality, but proves it doesn’t quell his mature and intuitive mind. His recently released single ‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’ was refreshing and vibrant, paving the way for what we imagine will be an immensely exciting year.

Instagram: thedeclanmckenna
Twitter: DeclanMcKenna