I went jogging this morning, through the looping streets of the town and then northwest along the sea wall. The ocean was glass to the left.
Connor Jessup


Location: Toronto, Canada

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Canadian actor Connor Jessup pretty much grew up on film and TV sets. From starring in hit show ‘Falling skies and popular drama series 'American Crime', to powerful performances in film including 'Closet Monster' - Connor's performances make an impact that sits with you for a while. In an 8-page feature in Issue 12 ‘Young Hearts’, photographed by Dani Brubaker, he opens up about what it was like growing up acting. Our second meeting with Connor happened in issue 13, where we wanted to explore his talents as a film maker. We asked him to create a series of images and written diary entries, which can be seen across ten pages or our new Autumn Winter '17 issue 'Tales of a new Generation'. A stunning image series from his trip to Japan this year, with storytelling that hits you right at the core of what male vulnerability can be like. 

To learn more about Connor, make sure to check out the preview online and the full editorial in issue 12 or see the preview for his Issue 13 BBG Diaries feature.

Instagram: connorwjessup
Twitter: connorjessup