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Cameron Boyce


Location: Los Angeles

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Actor Cameron Boyce has literally grown up in front of our eyes on the small screen, and is recently known for his role in the son of Cruela de Vil in 'Descendants'. Although he is recognised for his Disney roles, Cameron’s soul is an old one - we learn in his interview for our new Autumn Winter '17 issue, 'Tales of a new Generation'. Meeting on a sunny day in LA, we transport you to that little air-conditioned car to listen to his musings about growing up within Generation Z, social media, being an old soul and the meaning of life. Photographer Amber McKee takes position behind the lens, capturing contemplated and pensive moments - whilst he is dressed by Fernando Pichardo.

Take away a number of little life lessons from Cameron in our Autumn Winter '17 issue, beyond the brief online teasers, or get your own copy of Issue 13

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Twitter: TheCameronBoyce