I have a jar at home that I write down the great things that have happened to me on a pice of paper. At the end of the year, I crack the jar open, and I read all the great things, because it’s so easy to forget.
Brandon Larracuente


Location: Los Angeles

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Los Angeles based actor, Brandon Larracuente, is one of the actors we all got to know in Netflix show ’13 Reasons Why’, which brings focus to mental health and the topic of teenage suicide. He plays the role of Jeff Atkins who took up occupancy in all our hearts with his genuine persona - especially in the flashbacks when attempting to help Clay with Hannah Baker. Before that, Brandon was part of another successful Netflix show, ‘Bloodline’, where he played against the likes of Sam Shepard, Linda Cardellini and Kyle Chandler for three seasons.

For our BBG Presents feature, photographer Amber McKee and stylist Leo Plass captures the young talent in a beautiful image series, as he comes alive along the shores of Los Angeles. Brandon collects his milestones in a jar and then picks them out at the end of the year to appreciate what he has accomplished so far. He is also set to appear alongside Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace in the contemporary cop thriller ‘Bright’, which will be available worldwide on Netflix December 22nd, 2017.

Instagram: brandonlarracuente
Twitter: @BLarracuente