When you are in love you haven’t got time to sit down and write a song about how happy you are.


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Ah, Blossoms. The five boys that were all born in the same hospital, and then went on the become music-making, best friends. In their issue 10 interview with Cecilie Harris, they revealed moments from their hometown of Stockport, the brotherly connection to each other and a ‘compliment round’ that gave an insight into their friendship and sense of humour. They joked, they played around and they offered words of wisdom to those wanting to pursue a career in music. We’ll give you a hint: dedication, commitment and don’t force things, let them develop naturally into something uniquely beautiful. 

Their indie-synth pop music is super catchy, causing their following to go from strength to strength. You can check out their album and upcoming tour dates on their website now. View their full BBG interview and feature in Issue 10 and online, which is available in stores and online now.

Twitter: @BlossomsBand
Instagram: @Blossomsband
Website: Blossoms Band