Like when you lose your favourite lego brick, that's devastating. That will bring tears to your eyes.
Asa Butterfield


Location: London

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Asa Butterfield is a world class actor based in London. Yes, he is that boy in the striped pyjamas and yes, he is the boy in our silk pyjamas. He is also the boy that built his own computer and would happily stay tucked away in his bedroom playing video games all day, just like the rest of us. We love Asa, not just for the fab stories he shared on the day of his issue 10 cover shoot - stories of his anti-gravity and Tim Burton adventures, but for his quirky tongue and ability to turn anything into a game.

As the first ever actor to ever grace a Boys by Girls cover, his face on the cover of our tenth anniversary issue, 'Muse', was a big deal in the small world of BBG. With 'The Space Between Us' and 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' out in cinemas later this year, this makes 2016 overall a rather exciting year. Photographed running through fields and crawling around gardens, Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris drew out the actor in Asa for a stunning cover feature for our tenth anniversary print issue. Check out the teaser for what is inside Issue 10, 'Muse', which is available in stores and online. You can also catch a sneak peek into Asa's 14-page cover story here.

Instagram: asabopp
Twitter: asabfb