We long after something, and it never pans out the way we expect. Love is an example where we think we want something, but it’s not good or right for us.
Alex Lawther


Location: London

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“I love that with film - when suddenly everything is turned on its head and you don’t think you’re as clever as you thought you were at the beginning“. When photographer Cat Garcia and fashion editor David Nolan met actor Alex Lawther for our Autumn Winter issue ‘Tales Of A New Generation’, they managed to capture his delicate soul and cute ways. With an impresive ist of upcoming projects, such as ‘Freak Show’, ‘Ghost Stories’,  'The End Of The F***ing World' and ‘Howards End’, and playing Christopher Robin (the older version) in ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’, Alex knows how to rock characters in tourment.  In his interview, he talks about roles with delightful insight, and ponders over Generation Z; "So, we're the last ones? It all ends with us....it's possible."

Make sure to read his online preview or enjoy the full feature in our Issue 13 'Tales Of A New Generation.'