Acting is really playing, and good friends play the best.
Alex Høgh Andersen


Location: Copenhagen

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Alex Høgh Andersen is the Danish actor that graces our screens with his stunning interpretation of ‘Ivar the Boneless’ in historical drama 'Vikings'. Beyond his love for acting, Alex has an interest in people, politics and photography, and charmed the hell out of our team, as they captured him in a quaint location in Ireland on a day off from his 'Vikings' set. Whether he is creating stories for film, stills or being behind his own camera lens, creating moments seems to come very naturally for him.   

Photographed by Doreen Kilfeather, he unfolds before her lens, as she lets him take over the storytelling. As you get an insight into the talented Scandinavian actor, you'll learn about the boy behind the characters. Make sure to spend a little while in his exclusive BBG Presents feature.   

Twitter: alexhoeghandersen
Instagram: alex_h_andersen