Model Stories

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  • The Humble Swallow

    The Humble Swallow 28.06.2017

    Following his inspiring issue 12 feature, we meet ballet dancer Solomon Golding at the Royal Ballet again for a further chat. This time interviewed by filmmaker Fenn O'Meally about his idol Carlos Acosta and optimistic outlook on the future of ballet.
  • Child of the Sea

    Child of the Sea 21.06.2017

    Dorian Bitouala at Dulcedo Model Management talks about his travelling experiences and tattoos. Photographed by Eva Gii.
  • Just Josh

    Just Josh 15.06.2017

    Joshua Bowman at Anti Agency talks about his latest escapades in music and visualizes the term 'falling in love'. Photography by Mollie Dendle.
  • Gen Z: Jazz Pope

    Gen Z: Jazz Pope 07.06.2017

    Next up in our Generation Z interview series is Jazz Pope at Models 1. Images by Cecilie Harris.
  • Gen Z: Alton Mason

    Gen Z: Alton Mason 01.06.2017

    Alton Mason at PRM Models digs deep into his mind of generation z. Photographed by Cecilie Harris.