Model Stories

a model life

  • Gen Z: Daniel Van Gurp
    Daniel Van Gurp at Milk Management speaks of generation Z and being 16. Photographed by Cecilie Harris.
  • Gen Z: Piers Murphy

    Gen Z: Piers Murphy 19.04.2017

    Piers Murphy at SUPA Model Management is captured by Cecilie Harris in the midst of talking all things Generation Z.
  • Gen Z: Theo George

    Gen Z: Theo George 12.04.2017

    Theo George at Select Model Management is photographed by Cecilie Harris, and talks about the minds of Generation Z.
  • Gen Z: Joel Mignott

    Gen Z: Joel Mignott 05.04.2017

    We speak to Joel Mignott in this exclusive Generation Z series, taking in his cute giggles and engaging conversation. Images by Cecilie Harris.