Model Stories

a model life

  • Gen Z: Arran Horton

    Gen Z: Arran Horton 29.03.2017

    Arran Horton at Select Model Management is the wandering mind of a new generation in this exclusive interview about the world of the young male today. Photography by Cecilie Harris.
  • The Observer

    The Observer 22.03.2017

    Cecilie Harris captures Calum's laidback and alluring charm and challenges him with intimate discussions on the generation of today in "The Observer".
  • The Jamie Formula

    The Jamie Formula 14.03.2017

    Jamie Murphy, a twenty-two year old model and mathematician who reminisces on childhood and hopeful prospects for the future. Photographed by Doreen Kilfeather.
  • Empty Bleachers

    Empty Bleachers 08.03.2017

    Through windswept fantasies and rising smoke, photographer Coraima Mena hovers on the surface of reality. Capturing the hot Mexican air that shadows Santiago Carrascos’ silhouette, together they close the promises of the day.