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  • Gen Z: Hakeem Nieght
    Hakeem Nieght at Red Model Management shares his visions for what the world should be like and guides us through the modern terminologies of dating. Photography by Astrid Van Nevel.
  • Gen Z: Jacob Mcalindon
    Jacob Mcalindon at Established Models talks aliens and pet dinosaurs in our latest Generation Z feature. Photography Cecilie Harris.
  • Gen Z: Gabriel Lindsay
    Gabriel Lindsay at Premier Models raves about 80s themed karaoke nights and speaks about the influence of capitalism. Last but not least, he treats us to a special 'Gabriel Fun Time'. Photography by Jade Danielle Smith.
  • Gen Z: Daniel Moritz
    Daniel Moritz (IMG Models), the young romantic realist, photographed by Agata Wolanska for this week's Generation Z feature.
  • Gen Z: Lucas Ribeiro
    Lucas Ribeiro at PRM Agency expresses his concern for the long lost Portuguese empire and teaches us about the principles of determinism. Photography by Jade Danielle Smith.
  • Gen Z: Ariel Rosa

    Gen Z: Ariel Rosa 26.07.2017

    As part of Boys By Girls' ongoing Generation Z series, Ariel Rosa talks about his thirst to change the world.
  • Gen Z: Akeem Osborne
    Akeem Osborne at Select Models talks to Boys By Girls about his passion for basketball as part of our ongoing Generation Z series.
  • Sweet 16

    Sweet 16 12.07.2017

    16-year old Jessica Madavo captures her fellow classmate Steen Grover. They speak about the creative spirit and the influence of social media on their young generation. Gen Z explores Gen Z.
  • Basquiat, Banksy and Butler
    Fine artist Butler is interviewed for Boys By Girls. Photography by Rubee Samuel.