Cecilie Harris shoots and talks to dudes of rock, the Dandies. You can hear some of the tracks of this awesome band in some of our "Boys by Girls" videos.

These boys are proper rock boys and take a step back when a comb is moved towards the direction of their hair. Rest assured that behind all the hair they are absolutely lovely guys. We certainly have a bit of new found love for these rock dudes.

Grooming by Caterina Maiolini. Assisting, Nick Radley. Video editing by whoistesting.com

One of Cecilie's favorite moments with the band went a bit like this:

Dandie boy: "Wow maaan, what are you doing?" (To hair stylist Caterina walking towards him with a comb)

Caterina: "I'm gonna comb your hair"

Danie boy: "Wooooooow.... I haven't like combed my hair in ages!"

Caterina: "Relax, it's just a comb, it's not going to hurt you....."

The remaining of the Dandies boys gets their mobile phones ready to take images of the combing of the hairr with great enthusiasm........


We talk to the band:

Introduce yourself in three words

The Dandies, yup!

Tell us what's cool about the Dandies

I don't know, you be the judge of that. I don't really think of people being cool in that sense. We're just ourselves I guess so that's cool...

How would you describe your musical style?

We're a rock and roll band. Simple as that. We're influenced by a lot of rock and roll past and present. Alternative music too, but same thing I think. A loud rock and roll band I think best fits us.

We want to hear you play, when and where can we do that?

Best thing is to check our facebook and website for the latest details.

Do you write your own music?

Yup. Covering songs is fun but do it behind closed doors... What's fun about progressing as a band is evolving your songwriting skills, as an individual and as a band.

Would you describe yourself as a typical rock back? 

Yeah, I'd say we're a typical rock and roll band haha.

Tell us a sweet little story

Hahaha depends on what you wanna hear there are a few...Recently we had a late check in into our hotel in Duesseldorf. And there was this door code for the room.Of course, us idiots wrote down the wrong code and ended up having to find a way to break into the window. It's actually quite scare how easy it is to get into a window that tilted open, without doing any damage. So kids, always fully close your windows at night!

What are a few of your favorite things?

Tacos, Beer, Women, Western, Movies, Tequilla and Music, of course.

Tell us a little bit about everyone in the band. 

Well we've got me, I play rhythm guitar and I sing. Also there's Eric who's my younger brother. He's the tall and handsome one who shreds as the lead guitarist in the Dandies. Dimitri is the curly haired bass player. And fizzie is the aboslutely crazy drummer...

Was your photoshoot with us your favorite ever?

It's definately up there! We don't have one favourite one ever but this one was one ofthe favourite ones.Each photoshoot that was our favourite one was fun and awesome in it's own way... Thanks again for everything!


And thank YOU the Dandies for letting us use your fab music in our videos!

For more the Dandies goodies visit their website www.thedandies.com. 

The Dandies - Dudes of rock