That kid, the one from the block, skating through clouds of unsolved mystery - carrying an endearing mask of unknown. He zips up his oversized jacket of boyhood and chucks on a bucket hat, smiling from below it. There is fun to be found on the streets, who wants to be indoors when you can be surrounded by the colours of the streets? We could flood the streets with love, graffiti and spirit - read between the lines of colourful splatters and listen to the hidden messages. This is the spirit of the youth. 
Meet Sol, an unsigned boy with creative vigor. Captured rawly by Michelle Marshall, as you crave to follow his journey and indeering aura through the lens. Where is he going? Who is the boy behind those goggles? His unique style is composed by Becky Seager through pioneering streetwear garments from subcultural European brands Stone Island, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Wood Wood. Today's youth is dotted with subcultures, uniting through cultural likes and mutual friends, merging through different social platforms and meeting on London tube platforms. Hours of a day fly past; you hide from boredom and seek adventure. Taking a deep breathe and taking in the seasonal scent of your local street, flavours emerge in different roads and different shadows. Welcoming the spirit of autumn, ready to grasp, in your fresh hands. 
Unzip the jacket of boyhood into manhood ever so slowly, because what is the rush in growing up? Follow Peter Pan’s guidelines and value the overlooked purity within adolescence. Through hunger and passion, that kid on the block can teach you a lot. My youth is yours, runaway now and forevermore. 

Above: Shirt and Trousers by WOOD WOOD, Trainers by CONVERSE.

Above: T-shirt by SEVEN RAYS, Trousers by ELLEN PEDERSEN, Trainers by CONVERSE.

Above Left: Jacket and Jeans by TSPTR, Hat by C.P. Company
Above Right: T-shirt by SEVEN RAYS.

Above Right: Denim all-in-one rig suit by STONE ISLAND.

Above Right: Denim Shirt by TSPTR, T-shirt by STUSSY.


Off The Block