So you’ve seen the latest issue of Boys by Girls Magazine and really want to get involved, whether it be photography, writing, advertising or internships with us.

1. Photographic Contributions
Print contributions are by invitation only, but we do accept submissions for digital publication. Here are helpful things you want to know when submitting to us:

  • You need to be a female photographer
  • Models should be "boys" and not "men"
  • Send us a varied choice of edited images to look through in small jpgs (no need to send us an already done layout, our editor team will do this if accepted)
  • Keep in mind your series needs to flow nicely, so make sure to include plenty of options of different crops and angles
  • Once accepted, we need each image in 960pixel width
  • Images need to be exclusive to Boys by Girls and not published anywhere else including your personal website and social media. Out takes or similar content should also not be shared until the series is published.
  • We're looking for images that make an impact and evoke some sort of emotion
  • Make sure the images fits the Boys by Girls vibe and aesthetics (see BBG Moodboard)

We are looking for a range of different types of photographic contribution for our digital platform:

A. Editorials:
- Include more than 5 outfits.
- List wardrobe credits and season, the creative team, model and agency, as well as a detailed paragraph of the concept of the shoot.
- BBG represent quality work and talented creatives, so for anyone looking for us to commission an editorial, photographer and stylist need to have a strong online portfolio of work.

B. Portrait Features:
- Our portrait features represent new as well as established model talent around the world.
- The series can be styled or unstyled.
- Have a look at our BBG Moodboard to learn more about our vibe. The series need to have a certain flow and impact. A simple portrait series doesn't mean boring, we look for images that are impactful, intimate, emotional, beautiful and interesting. 
- We do not accept test-shoots, only shoots that have been shot intentionally for publication on

C. Project: Boys At Home:
After the release of issue 6 where we included a "Boys In Their Bedrooms" feature, and a continuation of the Boys at Home aesthetic inside Issue 7: Obsessions and Issue 8: The Trouble With Boys, we are now expanding the concept of "Boys At Home" and leaving it open for all female photographers to submit their interpretation of this. The idea is to capture the teenage boy of today - who he is, what he is passionate about and what he surrounds himself with.

  • This can have a fashion aspect to it or be a documentary unstyled approach
  • We want to find out who the teenage boy of 2014 is
  • The boy can be a model or not (For better chance of acceptance, it could be helpful to run your model option through us first to make sure he is a good fit).
  • The boys should have a certain aesthetic to fit with the magazine, see Issue 6 “Boys In Their Bedrooms” and our Pinterest submission board
  • The best selection of series we receive will be published on the website
  • Include the traditional "Boys In Their Bedroom" shot

D. Documentary Series:
We are eager to feature more documentary series as well, so if the idea and project is interesting and has an aesthetic fit, we would love to review these types of submissions. It should incorporate capturing the young male of today.

E. BBG Presents:
As part of a new BBG feature we regularly present male talent on the BBG digital platform, whether it be musicians, dancers, artists, illustrators etc. If you have photographed anyone of interest, or want to shoot someone from our list of people we'd like to feature, feel free to get in touch.

F: BBG Diaries
As part of a new BBG feature we feature male photographers in our BBG Diaries series. Published once a month, this feature is a diary or outlook on life captured by a male photographer. (A diary of the modern boy). Be it a travels, life events, or a beautiful perspective on your surroundings, each BBG Diaries is a series of photos that tells a story about the world through a boy's eyes. These features are usually accompanied by a written piece about the images you have captured. If you have a series you feel has a BBG diary aesthetic, then feel free to share with us.

Email your submissions to Make it clear in your subject line what you are submitting fto help make it easier for us to review your submission, and please allow us a 2 week period to get back to you as our editor team are busy peeps.

2. Writing Contributions
Our aim is to approach writing the same way we approach our photography; for the words to be painting a beautiful picture, evoking emotion in our audience. Most of our writing is done in house, but sometimes we open up to outside opportunities.

  • For contributing writers we ask you to send us your strongest 3-5 pieces of work that you feel fit with the tone of Boys by Girls. In addition send us a link to a website with your portfolio.


3. Instagram Contributions
To get involved, use the hashtags below. Any images we give a 'like' to  from the Boys by Girls account will be posted onto the BBG Instagram in the coming weeks.

  • #BBGDiaries - As our female photographers continue to capture the young contemporary man, the boys get a chance to share an insight to their own world through this hashtag. Simply tag us with @BoysbyGirls AND add hashtag #BBGDiaries. 
  • #BBGBoy - Promoting female photographers beyond our print issues and website. Share your boy moments with us, simply upload a photo to your Instagram of a 'boyish moment. Images should not be part of a editorial shoot,  we are looking for real and authentic moments, giving an insight into the world of the boy. Simply tag us with @BoysbyGirls AND add hashtag #BBGBoy. 

4. Internships
We are always looking to get fabulous interns onboard in helping to run the magazine. We offer a varied internship in a relaxed and intimate environment. 

We're looking for applicants who fit as many of the traits below as possible:

  • Good fashion writers
  • Good knowledge of Photoshop
  • Good knowledge of Indesign
  • Passion for photography, writing and menswear fashion
  • Drive and ability to work independently
  • Enthusiastic and  knowledgable about the Boys by Girls brand
  • Attention to detail and a good eye for layout and design
  • Good social media knowledge
  • A fast learner
  • Ability to multitask effectively
  • Loyal and dedicated to the magazine
  • Video and editing skills (Optional)

Internships are a commitment of a 3 month period (5 days a week). Applicants should also be based in or around London for easy commutes to the office/shooting locations/PRs. Please note that these are unpaid internships and unfortunately we cannot pay travel costs. Interested? Then send us your CV with a cover letter to:

5. Advertising
Please email to discuss advertising opportunities for Print and Digital.

How To Get Involved