I recently went into a Hollister store, and was immediately exposed to a massive poster of Paddy Mitchell (Select). This was shortly after I had visited his house just outside London to shoot him for our book Closer, where my experience included Paddy-made tea, his parents hospitality, Paddy's messy bedroom (I must point out it was very tidy when I first walked in, but Paddy didn't think it looked "authentic enough" so he messed it up "just for me") and chilling/shooting in his garden. It's always weird to see people you know on big posters (same goes for when you see them on a CD cover), but also gives you a feeling of proudness that they are doing well.

Shooting with Paddy was a joy and it was on one of the warmest days of the summer. It's good to shoot and tan. Photographically he has an amazing range and I hope that comes across in what I captured, which you can see fully in the actual book. He delivers strength, sexy, innocence, cute, sweet, charming etc at the snap of a finger and was so willing to please to get the best results. Cecilie Harris

Extracts from Paddy's 8-page story "Get Down Paddy" in "Closer":

"My day with Paddy started pretty much in a way that I learned later in the day could sum up his childhood.....When I arrived at Paddy's home just outside London on the 1st of October 2011 (which it must be said was the sunniest and warmest day possibly all summer!), he was of course fast asleep...." (Cecilie Harris)

"Get the pretty boy! Yeah all my mates say that... it gets a bit old haha" (Paddy Mitchell)
Thanks to our friends at MaleModelScene for helping us preview Paddy's story. See a couple of pages and a few image previews below. Also make sure to check out the video included. To get yourself a print copy to have and to hold click here to order.

Closer to Paddy Mitchell