An array of lethal metallic contraptions, sharp, fierce and unpredictable. It's impossible to imitate the wingspan with your arms without tearing them out of their sockets, but maybe that's what he wants? A dark sinister character with no remorse, the devil's angel. An angel reborn.

Ben Hardy stars in this Spring's serving of the X-Men universe: 'X-Men: Apocolypse' as a villainous angel - a far cry from Peter Beale in Eastenders. A 25 year old home-grown actor, Ben has found his calling as the malevolent character of Warren Worthington III, who transforms into a terrific mutant angel. Bringing his evil glimmer to his Boys by Girls shoot, Ben reared up for Cecilie Harris in what he calls his, 'hawk-like shoulders and face', but as quickly as he turned it on, Ben switched back to being the epitome of boyish innocence in a single shutter. The boy is clearly genius.

We all remember the different groups of boys in school. There were the geeky, nonchalant corner-crowders, the football team with their groupies constantly surrounding them, and then there were the clowns that tried to maintain the good vibes in the class. Ben was a bit of a joker. He played the ugly sister in the annual school play, but it wasn't remembering the script or performing in front of a hall filled with parents that worried him, it was the simple fact that his 'boobs' weren't real.

Styled by Christopher Preston and groomied by Marcia Lee, Cecilie encouraged Ben to call upon his acting talent in the form of spies and wall-loving giraffes. Actors are being challenged more than ever to actively use their imagination in conjunction with the layers of special effects being used in the modern era of film, and Ben is clearly putting that skill to other uses in his Issue 10 feature. If introgued by the teaser below, you can see the full 8-page feature in our print edition, which is available to buy both online and in stores now.

Grooming MARCIA LEE at Caren
Photography Assistants SASKIA PFEIFFER and SOPHIE MICHAEL 

Ben Hardy For Issue 10