If you experience life almost taken from you, will you see things with new eyes afterwards? How does being close to losing your life change your perspective? Welcome to the story of George. In collaboration with Carrera Eyewear and their #DriveYourStory initiative for Spring Summer ’18, we wanted to share with you two different stories of people who decided to take their life in their own hands and shake it up against all odds.”
In May 2009 George was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. No longer able to do all the things he used to and constantly in a lot of pain, in 2011 he had to undergo a colostomy, a more permanent but risky treatment that aimed at easing its torment. The operation led to severe complications that left George unconscious for some time, following which he had to learn to build up his strength again both physically and mentally. George says: "I don’t like seeing my condition as a problem or an excuse, so I told myself to never let it get in the way of anything I want to do, and since that day I haven’t let it stop me. I saw things in a new perspective."
You never know how quickly life can be taken from you. George sees into his future with an enviable calmness and inspiring positivity. He wants to go to drama school and get into acting. Equipped with patience and resilience, he feels ready for any challenges it may bring. Through his experiences, he has learned not to be defeated by the challenges or any stress. These days not many things phase him and he has adopted a get-up-and-go-mentality. A mentality that now also allows him to help others. In his friend group, George has become the go-to person for those who may go through any struggles and he also helps other people that are about to experience the same procedure he did by talking to them about what to expect and how to deal with it. Exploring the juxtaposition of clear versus blurry vision as a metaphor for George’s journey, Cecilie Harris captures him in a series of soft images in the presence of London springtime that reveal his kind but strong personality. David Nolan adds fashion to compliment the selection of sunglasses and specs.
When we come face to face with tragedy, it has the power to change our perspective and realise that we can overcome anything. George explains: “My perspective on things has shifted. Now, if something gets in my way or hurts me, I don’t get annoyed or take any negative things from it. Going through the worst of the worst, nothing I may encounter in life now can get as bad as that. I feel like I can get through anything.”
So what about the rest of us, do we go through our lives with a blurry vision? Or perhaps we can be inspired by stories like this, and let them enable us to see things more clearly - to know that we can get through our challenges and grow stronger and more clear-visioned in how we approach life.

Eyewear throughout CARRERA.

Words by Cecilie Harris.

BBGxCarrera - #DriveYourStory