Every boy dreams of an adventure - an adventure that can transport you from reality to fantasy. Photographer Daria Kobayashi Ritch captures this journey through the eyes of her subject, Dallas Haupt at Next LA. Stylist Suzie Street helps creates the story through nostalgic, post-war styling, introducing cotton garments from brands R.Swiader and I Love Ugly. The pureness told within a curious boy's mind and their innocent eyes can paint a thousand stories. Who is he? Where has he been? Where is he going? 
Imagine yourself on holiday; an extended period of leisure and recreation, perfectly available for you to take fully advantage of as you spend your time away from home. Warm, hazy days. The sky gleaming blue. Umbrella palm trees blowing delicately in the wind, whispering the secrets of the city out loud. The city is Los Angeles, downtown Los Angeles to be precise. A place of born dreams, high temperatures and clear water. There is a purity in summer, white clothing and breezy fabrics flickering in the wind. As you awaken in your new surroundings, you can feel the fresh air brushing across your newly tanned face. The overwhelming feeling of escape from reality, you can spend your day how you like. 
Dallas takes on the role, letting us all imagine ourselves in his space, filling us with a curious desire for adventure, wanting to explore new places. Enabling us to awake memories of times when you can let everything wait on a shelf for a little while, as you share your "out of office" message with the world. This week you are only available for you, and whatever new adventures lies ahead. As you place those sunglasses on your head, you are ready to discover a place outside of your comfort zone. A lone boy on his travels, misplaced, intuitive and curious. 
A lost child in a new city - where do you go? Can you remember the name of your road? In which streets have you not left your footprints yet? Take a deep breath, step out into the surroundings and explore. They say adventures are a form of relaxation, it is your holiday after all.

The Holiday

Above Left: Shirt and Trousers by R.SWIADER
Above Right: Shirt by I LOVE UGLY, Trousers by R.SWIADER

Above Right: Jumpsuit by R.SWIADER

Above: Knitwear and Trousers by ISSEY MIYAKE 

Above Left: Shirt and Trousers by R.SWIADER
Above Right: Sunglasses by I LOVE UGLY, T-shirt by R.SWIADER, Shorts by ASHTON MICHAEL 

Above Left: Shirt by I LOVE UGLY, Shorts and Jacket by R.SWIADER




Words by Ede Dugdale.