Jagged rocks emerge, floating out of grassy pools and battering winds. With twisted curls and tumultuous hills, we grow together, as one. Once emerald plants fade to yellow with the clock; sighing as they crack beneath our dancing feet. Your limbs become my limbs. When I look into your eyes, I meet myself – he’s a vessel of vivid dreams and wild, inescapable hope. This unforgiving land is ours to conquer; we are forever anchored to this ground. 
Photographer Monroe Alvarez captures past-BBG boy Darwin and Arjang at Photogenics LA, asking that old question - what is manhood? The answers lay within the natural harmony of strength and softness she documents. Throwing formality to the sky, a no shoe policy is met with a just-right overcast sky and muted light. The boys are free to roam, to dance within the landscape. The typical restrictions of masculinity fall away, with evolving forms and the blurring of bodies. When ones’ mind is in conflict, the other can hold him up. 
Frames are painted with clean navy and cream, with thirst-quenching orange and soft-lemon shades. Stylists Blake Hardy and Joanie Del Santo focus on ease of wear – with a combination of precision-cut tailoring and soft textures. Ribbed knits, free-flowing cuts and roll-necks act as both armour, and gentle caresses to the skin. Here, the boys become mirages of modern manhood. In the confusion of body parts, dangling arms and reaching fingers, two-spirits were tied without release. 


Grooming LYNZI
Models DARWIN and ARJANG at Photogenics

The Dream Vessel

Above left: Vintage Italian mohair Jumper.
Above right: Darwin wears Trench by PERRY ELLIS and vintage Italian mohair Jumper. Arjang wears Turtleneck by RAF SIMONS FOR FRED PERRY.

Above: Darwin wears vintage zip-up sleeve Turtleneck and Denim Jeans by GUESS BY MARCIANO. Arjang wears Jumper and Jumpsuit from Stylist Archive, Vintage naval Trousers, and socks by TOPMAN. 

Above: Darwin wears ribbed Shirt by CREATURES OF COMFORT. Arjang wears zip-up short sleeve Shirt by PRADA. 

Above: Darwin wears Trench by PERRY ELLIS,  vintage Italian mohair Jumper, and Trousers by DOLCE & GABBANA. Arjang wears Turtleneck by RAF SIMONS FOR FRED PERRY and Trousers by BRUNELLO CUCINELLI.

Above left: Darwin wears vintage Italian cashmere Jumper, Striped trench Stylist Archive, and vintage linen Trousers. Arjang wears Trench by CHRISTIAN DIOR and vintage short sleeve button-up.