To be a dandy is to live a life of pure elegance. Even in moments of solitude, trousers are always pressed and necktie adjusted to just the ‘right’ angle. Jonas Hosbond at PRM Agency is captured by photographer Louise Samuelsen in a love letter to mid-century charm. Lounging about and looking good is serious business, in case you were wondering. Amongst the warm, toasty hues of 60s cabinets and shaggy carpets, Jonas plays the part of suburban heartbreaker.

Stylist Graham Cruz pins together the sensibility, with nostalgic knits and looks straight out of small-town Americana (as shown on the silver screen). Jonas could very well be the High School jock or the new kid in the back of the class reading a novel. Either way, he is searching for something. Impatiently longing for bright, faraway verandas on the coast of Italy or a chair reserved just for him in a small Parisian café. Yes, he has all the qualities of a gentleman; the fine shirts and polite smile - but what dream burns holes in his heart?

It can be said there’s something like a black mark on the surface of his imagination. Thoughts are very funny things. Like landmines of rubble and gold, they hold memories, hopes - kind words and sometimes cruel ones. It can be difficult to distinguish what is, what could have been, and what is right there before you. In his solitude, he traces the outlines of his future and that familiar voice that seems to call out for him. Patiently, and always with love. Time is all you need.

Grooming ISAK HELGASON using Mac Cosmetics and Bumble & Bumble 
Model JONAS HOSBOND at PRM Agency  

One-way Ticket

Above: Shirt by DANIEL W. FLETCHER, Belt and Trousers by PS BY PAUL SMITH, and Scarf from ROKIT VINTAGE.

Above left: Shirt by AYCH.
Above right: Shirt by AMI and Knit by ALEX MULLINS.

Above left: Shirt by RAG & BONE, Shorts and Belt by CERRUTI 1881. 
Above right: T-Shirt by PS by PAUL SMITH, Knit by SCOTCH & SODA, and Trousers by COACH 1941. 

Above: Shirt by SOULLAND and Knit Jumper by KENT & CURWEN.

Above left: Shirt by CERRUTI 1881, Knit by STELLA MCCARTNEY, Trousers by MARNI, and Belt by PS BY PAUL SMITH. 
Above right: Shirt by JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN and Trousers by EDWARD CRUTCHLEY.

Above left: As before.
Above right: Shirt by ALEX MULLINS, Trousers by STELLA MCCARTNEY, Belt and Shoes by JIMMY CHOO, and Socks by PANTHERELLA. 

Above: Necklace by THE GREAT FROG, Shirt (on chair) by E. TAUTZ, and Bubbles Oud Wood Shower Gel by TOM FORD.