"Normally your brain follows a random pattern from one idea to another, which you have very little control over. I thought it would be excellent to use my brain as a space where I could use my own imagination, to fill it with my own ideas."

Close your eyes. Stare at the dotted mixture of shapes that appear behind your eyelids and slip into unconsciousness. Escape into the scenes in your mind; do you believe in fate? Is our destiny already decided? Are we truly in control? In Issue 10 we interviewed Asbjorn Appleby, and as an extension to this chat, we share a wider image series and marvel at the wonders of life whilst others wish to escape its lasting limitations. Through Cleo Glover's introspective photography, tranquil styling by Lee Holden and grooming by Nat Van Zee, we learn that our muse can be intangible, but can also ably combine a physical and lasting impression on the world around us.
Systematic governance. Authorial policing. Regulations and legislations. In essence, captured between the spherical four walls that we call home. Nevertheless, model Asbjorn Appleby at Milk Model Management illustrates that anything is possible through dreams - lucid dreams that is. Be a doctor they say, but why not an inventor? Suppression is futile when you are the architect of your destiny. No dream is too big, no idea too small. Let us not surrender our minds to the Establishment, but instead broaden our cerebral horizons to an unfathomable utopia.
Lose yourself within the dream-world of Asbjorn in this extended Issue 10 editorial, where anything is possible. Issue 10 is now available to buy in stores and online.
Photography CLEO GLOVER
Grooming NAT VAN ZEE using Kahina Giving Beauty and Maria Åkerberg

Lucid Dreams

Above left: Jumper by AGI & SAM
Above right: Shirt by SANDRO, Jeans by PAUL SMITH, Belt stylists own

Above left: T-shirt by SANDRO, Jeans by PAUL SMITH, Belt stylists own 
Above right: Track top by TOPMAN, Jeans by PAUL SMITH

Above left: T-shirt by TOPMAN, Jeans by AGI & SAM

Above left: Shirt by LEVI'S, Rollneck by TOPMAN
Above right: T-shirt by TOPMAN, Jeans by AGI & SAM

Above right: Tracktop by TOPMAN, Jeans by PAUL SMITH

Above left: Jacket, Turtleneck and Jeans by SANDRO, Shirt by A.P.C., Belt by TOPMAN
Above right: Jumper and Trousers by AGI & SAM, Hi-tops by SAINT LAURENT by Hedi Slimane 


Above left: Sleeveless biker by MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, Trackpants by TOPMAN
Above right: Jumper by PAUL SMITH, Rollneck by TOPMAN, Jeans by SANDRO

Words by Akhnaton Selbonne-Willie.