Following an afternoon spent doing cartwheels for photographer Jade Danielle Smith, sporting fashion picked out by stylist Nathan Henry, model Beckett Hammond sank down beside us to talk dreams and other musings for Issue 14 ‘The Dreamers’. We sat up camp temporarily in his ideal world, allowing a young dragon to open up.

“I’m a massive daydreamer, and I dream about the future and what it holds. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut. I thought it was so cool that they travelled to space - sounds crazy to go to a different planet. They’re really smart too, as well as being quite fit. But now I wouldn’t do that because you’d have to leave the world for ages. I just want to be quite well off, to be honest. Growing up, my mum never had much and I always told her I would like to buy her a car, and I want to come through with that.”

Imagine being a kid and dreaming of flying to the moon - overlooking the world in the vast space we inhabit, merely momentary beings in the overwhelming spectrum of time. Beckett Hammond leapt from his childhood dream when he gathered being an astronaut entailed leaving earth for too long.

For more of Beckett, take in the full interview beyond the visual extension below. Our brand new Autumn Winter '18 issue ‘The Dreamers’ is available to buy online and in stores.

Interview and Words by Brogan Anderson
Grooming by FABIO VIVAN using Bumble and Bumble.
Styling Assistant REANNA CLAYTON

Hidden Dragon

Above left: Jumper by KENZO, Turtleneck by LANVIN and Trousers by PHOEBE ENGLISH.
Above: Jumper by NEIL BARRETT and Trousers by PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND.

Above: Shirt by LANVIN.

Above left: Outfit as before.
Above right: Shirt and Shoes by LANVIN and Trousers by LOUIS VUITTON.

Above left: Jumper by KENZO, Turtleneck by LANVIN, Trousers by PHOEBE ENGLISH and Shoes by HOGAN.
Above right: Above: Top by OLIVER SPENCER.