Hello there, kind stranger. As you walk across wooden-planks, each footstep reminding you of a not-so-distant past. One where we were free to roam like glaciers: safe and protected beneath the sea-bed. Our secrets are forever locked in amongst shards of jagged-glass. Ice and wind, ripples and splashes - how many hearts were lost on these shores? In this editorial, David Mathiesen at Le Management heads on a nautical adventure towards nowhere in particular.
No one knows isolation like a lone sailor, but in that quiet blanket of water, there is a freedom like no other to be found. Danish photographer Emilia Staugaard captures the romance of life at sea; the light is muted and the shadows cloaked in a soft blur. Perhaps the joy of being aboard a boat is the loss of context - there are no signifiers of the times, no glaring lights indicating the year or the date. Just that same timeless stretch of blue that reflected in the eyes of our grandparents and their grandparents before them. 
Stylist Kristoffer Vollhaase plays with this idea by combining classic shades of burnt orange, creme, and navy. Roll-neck sweaters, Harrington jackets, and relaxed tailoring blur in an indefinable mixture of places and eras. One thing is certain: the Scandi-aesthetic is alive and well. Everything ties together in a streamlined, functional manner: from the mid-century chairs onboard to David's boyish crop. Today, it feels like an almost revolutionary act to be alone. To take that first breath of bitter air and realise that your mind is the only company you have. Dare to make peace with it; to find the tools to make it your finest asset and ally. The future reaches for you. Through rough waters, you gotta keep sailing for it, kiddo.

Model DAVID MATHIESEN at Le Management
Special thanks to Scandlines

Glaciers Forever

Above left: Jumper by VOFT KNIT and Jewlery by NINNA YORK.
Above right: Metallic Knit and Trousers by VOFT KNIT.

Above left: As before.
Above right: Full flower set by DOMANTAS SMAIZYS, Shoes by CONVERSE x COMME DES GARCONS.

Above: Vintage Jacket, Trousers and Shirt by DOMANTAS SMAIZYS. 

Above left: Turtleneck by VOFT KNIT
Above right: Jumper and Trousers by VOFT KNIT, Jewlery by NINNA YORK.

Above left: As before.
Above right: Jacket by DOMANTAS SMAIZYZ and Trousers by OUR LEGACY. 

Above left: As before.
Above right: Trousers and Shirt by DOMANTAS SMAIZYS and Shoes EYTYS. 

Above: White Shirt by DOMANTAS SMAIZYS, Shorts by ADIDAS, Rings by NINNA YORK and vintage handmade necklace. 

Above left: Turtleneck by VOFT KNIT and Hat ASOS.
Above right: As before.

Above left: Jacket by L'HOMME ROUGE, Turtleneck by VOFT KNIT, Trousers by OUR LEGACY and Hat ASOS.
Above right: Jumper by ACNE STUDIOS and Jewlery by NINNA YORK.

Words by Matthew Regan.