Some say true love only exists between brothers. A bond that has survived since the beginning of time. United, not by blood, but the brotherhood they feel for each other. For young men of today, this is still very much the case. A tight arm around the shoulder, two fists meeting to say hello and supporting words about yesterday's adventures. Sharing their achievements and failures - inventing their own language - this shapes the framework of brotherhood. 

Photographer Poem Baker documents Gabriel and Charlie at PRM Agency, Carl and Charles at AMCK Models and Cameron at Premier Models, as they remind you of what true friendship looks like. The challenges of growing up is often based on competition between peers and social pressures - encouraging boys to hide their fears and feelings. In this series, Poem and the boys clash with tradition, as she gives them space to exist freely in the neighbourhood streets in this documentary inspired editorial. Letting them roam free to explore what it means to be young. 

Empowered by stylist Natasha Freeman, the boys celebrate vulnerability and explore the boundaries of masculinity. No need to pretend or cage each other in. With colourful palettes from orange to rosé, Natasha paints portraits of each individual character. They represent the diversity of youngsters. The boys are wrapped in individuality, but still tied together - channelling the invisible rope that unite them. With comfort being on the agenda, jeans, T-shirts and jackets, from a variety of brands from Soulland, Scotch & Soda and Christopher Shannon to Vans, Levi's and Converse, sits effortlessly on the boys. Together they are stronger, a finished symphony of some sort if you will. Ready to paint the town in new colours, agendas being made up as they go along - the main vision to truly exist together for as long as it lasts.

Photographer POEM BAKER
Grooming JULIA LAZA 
Models GABRIEL and CHARLIE at PRM Agency, CHARLES and CARL at AMCK Models and CAMERON at Premier Models


Gabriel wears Shirt by VOLCOM, Jeans and Jumper by SOULLAND,  Gillet by CHAMPION and Trainers by NIKE. Charles wears T-Shirt and Trousers by NATIVE YOUTH, Denim Shirt by SCOTCH & SODA and Shoes by DR MARTENS. Charlie wears Cap by NEW ERA, T-Shirt by CHRISTOPHER SHANNON, Jacket by LEVI’S,  Jogging Trousers by CONVERSE and Trainers by ADIDAS. Carl wears T-Shirt by CHAMPION X WOOD WOOD, Shirt by SANTA CRUZ,  Chinos by VANS and Trainers by CONVERSE X COMME DES GARCONS.
Above left: Charles wears T-Shirt, Bomber Jaket and Shorts by UMBRO X HOH, Socks by UNIQLO and Shoes by VANS. Cameron wears T-Shirt and Shorts by UMBRO, Jacket by K-WAY, Trainers by CONVERSE and Socks by RALPH LAUREN.
Above right: Carl wears Jeans By PAIGE and Trunks by Calvin Klein.

Above Cameron wears Tracksuit by ADIDAS. Charles wears Jacket and Trousers by CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN and Roll Neck by Uniqlo. Charlie wears Roll Neck and Track Pants by WOOD WOOD. Gabriel wears Velour Jacket and Pants by TOURNE DE TRANSMISSION, T-Shirt by CHAMPION

Above: Carl wears Roll Neck by UNIQLO and Jumper by SANTA CRUZ. Charles wears T-Shirt by CHRISTOPHER SHANNON.

Above left: Charles wears Jacket and Trousers by CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN, Roll Neck by UNIQLO and Shoes by DR MARTENS. Charlie wears Roll Neck and Track Pants by WOOD WOOD, ZX Flux NPS Trainers by ADIDAS .
Above right: Charlie wears T-Shirt by BLOOD BROTHER and Trousers by NORSE PROJECTS.

Above: Gabriel wears T-Shirt, Jogging Pants and Coat by BLOOD BROTHER and Shoes by NIKE.  Charles as above. Carl wears Cap, T-Shirt and Jogging Pants by BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB, Shoes by CONVERSE and Hoodie by WEEKDAY. Charlie wears Denim Jacket and Jeans by CHRISTOPHER SHANNON and Trainers by ADIDAS.

Above: Charles wears Jeans by LEVI'S and Trunks by CALVIN KLEIN. Carl wears Jeans by PAIGE and Trunks by CALVIN KLEIN. Gabriel wears Trousers By SOULLAND Cameron wears Jeans by WAVEN and Trunks by RALPH LAUREN. Charlie wears Jeans by VOLCOM.

Above: Charles wears T-Shirt by SANTA CRUZ and Jeans by LEVI'S. Charlie wears T-Shirt by SANTA CRUZ and Jeans by VOLCOM. 

Above left: Same as before. 
Above right: Gabriel wears Jacket and Jogging Pants by BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB and Trainers by NIKE. Charles wears Jacket by NEMEN, Trousers by TOURNE DE TRANSMISSION, Bag by EASTPAK and Shoes by DR MARTENS. Carl wears Poncho by SCOTCH & SODA, Track Pants by BJÖRN BORG and Trainers by CONVERSE X COMME DES GARCONS.

Words by Berit Warta.