Shot on film in his London home, Gabriel was caught by the lense of Kate Elliott in these beautiful images for our Issue 6 ‘Boys In Their Bedrooms" feature. Having just turned 19, Gabriel embodies everything about youth and how fleeting it can be. In just a plain white T-shirt, sat on his white bed linen, we can see him stripped back, natural and our eyes are drawn to those full lips and innocent eyes.

Gabriel is part of Kate's ongoing project "The Study Of Peter Pan", which began as a series of nine photographic portraits, taken in a studio environment early last year, during which the camera followed the subject through a 360 degree turn. The work was exhibited at Four Corners Gallery in London, and Ipswich Art Gallery, and has since been published in the New York based art photography magazine Capricious. Acting as both a continuation and an evolution of this project, the images in the Boys by Girls series shown below is a further exploration of her project, and provides a context to the transitory period in adolescence being examined.
Gabriel (Kate's Peter Pan) is currently on a gap year between leaving school and going to university, and Kate is continuing to take photographs of him throughout the year. With a shift away from the more formal approach employed in the earlier study of Gabriel, Kate has adopted a more intimate and relaxed style, placing the images within a personalised and familiar context. Taken in Gabriel's natural everyday environment, near to where he lives and works in North and East London, the images were shot over the course of two days. With no formal styling, lighting or direction, Kate explores her relationship with Gabriel, focusing on his natural movements and mannerisms and the subtle changes in his facial expressions and body language. The images have a dream-like quality to them, evoking a sense of nostalgia and highlighting the beauty of youth. As well as being Kate’s muse, Gabriel enjoys riding his bike and listening to musician Drake. 

Photography KATE ELLIOTT

Boys In Bedrooms: Gabriel