Imagine a single flower born in the midst of snow. The only life on display as far as your eyes carry across the surface. Perhaps the loneliness is unbearable or maybe it is the ultimate experience of freedom. We choose our own lenses in which we see the world and our existence. 

Photographer Rocío Durand depicts young Roberts as a vulnerable and lonely youngster in a decadent and depressed city, where he is coming to terms with his own inevitable transition into adulthood. Inspired by suburbian decadence in big cities and the core of loneliness reflected by a young boy rejecting adulthood, Rocío paints a beautiful visual tale of the experience of boyhood and the thought of losing it. Warm colour tones dance opposite the cold, and the shapes of the city lean on the force of tender life. 

High-end is mixed with casual, while old is mixed with new, as stylist María Davila adds her touch on this story. From Burberry to Levi's, from Prada to Nike - María gives a nod to the notion that life is a series of contrasts. The balance of comfort versus possible eruption of chaos is constantly present, leaving us on the edge of solitude. Everything so fragile. Everything so temporary. Yet, there is beauty in all of this, and all is for us to experience. 

Looking at life through the eyes of a youngster, what happens when you switch it out for an adult lens? What do you see? There are choices to be made. Above it all the sky is blue. 

Photographer ROCÍO DURAND

Blue Boy

Above: Tracksuit Bottoms by NIKE.

Above left: Vintage patchwork Blanket
Above right: Jumper by CHAMPION, Skinsuit by CASTELLI, Socks by FALKE, and Trainers models' own.

Above: Full outfit by PRADA and Shoes by DR. MARTENS. 

Above left: Shirt by BURBERRY.
Above right: Vintage JUNYA WATANABE Shirt and Tracksuit Bottoms by NIKE.

Above: Vintage Levi's Overalls.

Above left: Shirt by CERRUTI 1881.
Above right: Same as before.

Above: Shirt by CERRUTI 1881 and Jeans by ACNE STUDIOS.