Have you ever thought back to when you were young and mulled over the make belief? The imaginary life and stories you would intricately construct within your mind? The cogs within your delicate conscious working overtime with such passion that these imaginary possibilities become a reality, almost physical, just because you made it real? A Panglossian view of the world, jaded with age.

Those possibilities are lost with age and mundane societal reality shifts into focus, but for a second, take some time to get lost once again. With the help of photographer Debora Brune, Constantin at Izaio Management, Samir at Aquamarine Model Management, and Kenneth at Modelwerk invite us to their lucid perceptions. Instead of existing in these muted worlds, they are envisaged in these hopeful desires that were once familiar paths. Waves of nostalgia wash over them in 70s inspired silhouettes with flares and running shorts, rolled up sleeves and velvet shirts, styled by Heike Held and grooming by Nadine Thoma. Vivid fantasies are in bright illuminated technicolor, even surrounded by the somber and subdued tones of the everyday.

Debora follows in the grooves of the boy's retrospections, captures idle beings lost in their all-consuming visions. They’d rather be anywhere but here, at least for a little while. With the whole world and all its possibilities, today they’re not settling. The promise that lies at the edge of the sea, we can’t even see it, but we can pretend. We’ll ponder on these make beliefs for a little longer, absorbed in the moment, ignoring the devastation of real life and what lies behind us. Because this moment and looking toward the horizon is all that is on our minds, antithetical ideologies of a life rather than what is simply just expected.

Photographer DEBORA BRUNE
Grooming NADINE THOMA at Nina Klein
Models CONSTANTIN at IZAIO Management, SAMIR at Aquamarine Model Management and KENNETH at Modelwerk 

Anywhere But Here

Above left: Kenneth wears Jacket by GOETZE, Shirt by PATRIZIA PEPE, Trousers by VLADIMIR KARALEEVAND and vintage Boots. Samir wears Shirt and Trousers by GOETZE, Belt by COS and Shoes by DR. MARTENS. Constantin wears Shirt by FRED PERRY, Trousers by GOETZE and Shoes by KIOMI.
Above right: Constantin wears Jacket by VLADIMIR KARALEEV and Pullover by

Above left: Constantin wears Jacket by  VLADIMIR KARALEEV, Pullover by ARMORLUX and Trousers by GOETZE. Samir wears Jacket and Trousers by GOETZE and Vintage Pullover.
Above right: Constantin wears Pullover by KIOMI and Trousers by GOETZE.

Above left: Samir wears Pullover by FRED PERRY and vintage Trousers.
Above right: Same as before.

Above left: Samir wears Jacket and Shirt by FRED PERRY.
Above right: Constantin wears Pullover and Shoes by KIOMI, Trousers by GOETZE.

Above left: Constantin wears Shirt by GOETZE. Samir wears Pullover by FRED PERRY.
Above right: Kenneth wears Shirt by FRED PERRY, Coat by STUTTERHEIM, Trousers by GOETZE.

Above left: Samir wears and Shirt by FRED PERRY, Jacket by GOETZE and Vintage Trousers.
Above right: Same as before.

Above left: Constantin wears Jacket and Shirt by FRED PERRY.
Above right: Same as before.

Above left: Same as before.
Above right: Kenneth wears Jacket and Trousers by GOETZE, Shirt by ASKET and Vintage Shoes.



Words by Brogan Anderson.