Exclusively for Boys By Girls

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  • Farewell Sleepy Village
    Following his appearance inside issue 12, "Young Hearts", Michelle Marshall gives us a wider glimpse into Aidan Walsh's world set against the backdrop of the British coastline. Fashion by Cynthia Lawrence-John.
  • Seascapes and Sunflowers
    Photographer Dudi Hasson captures, Ben from Yuli Models, Jonatan, Maor and Michael from Brick Models, and Mya exhuming beauty from the raw and rugged.
  • Where the Ponds Grow
    Cleo Glover follows up her feature with Louis Baines for BBG Issue 12 'Young Hearts' with an extended editorial, providing you with enough gushes about this sweet country boy to last you a lifetime. Fashion by Daisy Deane.
  • Once in a Blue Moon

    Once in a Blue Moon 03.07.2017

    A rare blue moon Ricardo Dines at Premier Model Management photographed by Georgia Devey Smith. Fashion by Roberta Hollis.
  • Safe Space

    Safe Space 26.06.2017

    Following their appearance inside issue 12, "Young Hearts", Nicola Collins shares more of the accepting love existing between Ben and Matt. Fashion by Abena Ofei.
  • Predictably Adolescent
    Felix craves adulthood. Maybe. Photographed by Lara Ferri. Fashion by Nathan Henry.
  • The Dreamer

    The Dreamer 21.04.2017

    Joshua captured by photographer Julia Romanovskaya in the exclusive story for Boys by Girls. Fashion by Serdane Messamet.
  • Streets of Funk

    Streets of Funk 10.04.2017

    Junior Choi brings the funk back. Photographed by Caoimhe Hahn. Fashion by Abena Ofei.
  • Seasons of Change

    Seasons of Change 27.03.2017

    Wojciech photographed by Soumya Iyer in this exclusive feature for Boy by Girls. Fashion by Divya Saini.